About Us

Muskegon Sportfishing Association Mission Statement

It is the Muskegon Sportfishing Association's mission to preserve local fisheries for generations to come through watershed restoration and clean-up projects. MSA aims to enhance Muskegon fisheries by investing in wildlife education and ensuring safe access. Coupled with local event sponsorship and organization, MSA's efforts position Muskegon County as one of the nation’s preeminent fisheries. 

The association will actively seek and evaluate projects and determine the level of funding and action required to participate in those endeavors that will meet its goals and objectives.

Projects that will enhance the fishing environment for sportspersons, improve habitat, maintain and increase fish species, and achieve name recognition of the association and for Muskegon County will be evaluated. The primary focus of the Association's mission is Muskegon Lake, however, inland lakes, rivers and streams, lakes connecting to Lake Michigan itself will be included for project consideration.

Only by recognizing and serving the interests of fishing enthusiasts will the Muskegon Sportfishing Association fulfill its Mission.

Primary Goal

The MSA actively seeks and evaluates projects and determines the level of funding and action required to participate in endeavors that meet its goals and objectives.